DANIELLE GEAGEA: What do you think sets AJCD apart from other architecture and design firms?

AJCD: We are always told we have an “energy” to our firm… that we act like a family, and we honestly feel like this energy is what drives everything we do and what sets our team and work apart.

We collaborate on every single project, from its initial concept design to the final site check, and we truly believe it is a real strength as a firm. We have somehow managed to make our team a family and we think it’s pretty damn special and incredible that we enjoy going to work with people we love every single day.

Congratulations on your new venture, State of Kin. Tell me a bit more about it?

State of Kin is a collaboration between AJCD & Manor and is a complementary brand for our current business with a focus on exceptional residential spaces.

By launching State of Kin we own every aspect of the delivery in-house and control the implementation of every detail from concept to completion – ensuring the highest quality outcomes within the incredible possibilities of the design realm.

Designing and building is what we do. It’s what we have all been born into; it is quite literally in our blood. Perhaps what we are most passionate about is the opportunity to take the design and build process to a different space within the Perth market. Our projects are for people who have a true love and eye for design and the built form – the layering of spaces and use of materiality, the unlimited possibilities.

SC Residence, Mount Lawley / Under Construction
SC Residence, Mount Lawley / Under Construction

What are your top 3 tips for anyone considering the design + build journey? 

1. Do your homework relating to your budget!
Research, research, research! More often than not, many people are scared away from a custom design service under the misconception that this kind of service will be expensive. In actual fact, with clever design and a close working relationship with a builder, the involvement of a team like ours can result in a budget friendly but unique and beautiful outcome.

2. Understand the value of Design
Although it may take longer than a standard Project Home or Land & House package build – you will be ultimately rewarded with a home that is uniquely designed to how you live.

3. Trust your Designer
Be prepared to invest in the design process to save money on the outcome and let the consultant you have engaged do their job.

Donny Salomone, Ara Salomone, Amy Clark, Jessie Nguyen, Alessandra Salomone

I understand you’re passionate about the City of Perth – is there anything that you would like to see unfold or be approached differently? 

We would love to promote the philosophy of design for everyone! Design shouldn’t be restricted by economic, social, cultural or even geographical barriers as far as we’re concerned… It should be and can be for everyone.

Design and Architecture influences our daily life and effects everything from the way we work, to the way we feel and behave in our environment. Everyone should be able to experience firsthand the value of good design – whether in a private space or in the public domain.

With Perth in such a state of change and such huge momentum being gained in our built environment, it is now more than ever important to focus on clever and intuitive design. We need to ensure that major changes in our cityscape can be utilised and enjoyed by our whole community for many generations to come.

It really is about creating an environment and a demand in our young city for high quality design.

G House, North Perth
G House, North Perth

Finally, what music are you rotating in the studio right now? 

It really depends on which day of the week it is, what’s happening for the day and who’s in control of the music at any given moment.

We swing wildly from Kanye, Kendrick and WU-Tang to old-school rock’n’roll Beatles & Elvis to 90’s R&B classics.

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G House, North Perth