The first time I visited Bar Botanik, I was in a frenzy searching for new plants for the office. Far out… I’ll be honest. I had no idea what I was doing. I knew the vibe I wanted to create, but I didn’t know my ficus from my philodendron.  Then along came Fesi and the team to the rescue. And thank goodness… God knows what kind of plant crimes I was about to commit! Before I knew it, I too became plant obsessed. I get it now.

After browsing through the impressive selection of plants and pots, I was able to find exactly what I was looking for. A palm here, a monstera there… and some seriously sexy pots (personally I love the Pop & Scott hand painted pots).

Bar Botanik is truly a haven for plant lovers and collectors alike. To top it off, they make great coffee. I recently sat down with Fesi to find out a little more about their passion for plants and get some much needed plant styling tips. Praise the lord.

I’d love to know, how did Bar Botanik come about and what was the vision for the business?

Bar Botanik is a family business. We developed love for all things botanical at a very young age. Daniel, Robert and myself have very different professional backgrounds but our passion has always been plants and great design. We strongly believe plants don’t just look nice but they have health and psychological benefits too. They purify the air and make you feel good, thus reducing stress! We aim to help people with their plant selection and how to care for them. We also wanted to create a space where people can enjoy coffee and cakes and have a relaxing moment amongst the greenery.

Can you tell me a little about your own personal plant style?

My own personal plant style is to create a jungle feel in every room! I am a huge fan of having one big tree in a space. One giant tree will create an instant jungle vibe! It would feel like the tree has been there forever and you add furniture and decoration around it. One of my favourite indoor trees is ficus elastica or rubber plant. Its big and thick leaves are very beautiful. It can grow up to 30 meters outdoors, but inside a pot, it’s completely manageable.

Behr & Co ‘Century’ Pot (Black) and Variegated Monstera Borsigiana

If there was one plant on the current “must have” list, what would it be?

Most of us would have heard that the Monstera plant is the plant of 2018! What’s not to love? This stunning plant is making a comeback with those big, shiny and unusual leaves with natural holes. Variegated plants are also on trend at the moment. The colour contrast can really transform your plant display. Combining them together, we have the very sought after plant, the variegated monstera (pictured is the white variegated monstera borsigiana). It is still very hard to find and definitely one of the must have plants amongst plant enthusiasts.

Plant styling has really had a resurgence lately. What’s an easy way for someone to create a stylish look in their home?

Styling with plants is a brilliant way to turn any room into a LIVING space!

It is important to first select the right plants for the available light. Most indoor plants would do well in a bright spot with indirect sun. If you have a darker spot, choose plants that can tolerate low light condition such as mother in laws tongue, zz plant, aspidistra, peace lily and devils ivy for trailing.

Grouping plants with different foliage colours, textures and sizes will also add more interest. Adding one bold plant with height is my favourite way to achieve a floor to ceiling styled look. Strelitzia Nicolai, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Rubber Plant are just a few favourites.

You can either choose pots that can blend in nicely with your interiors or choose ones with textures, colours and patterns to add more interest. Try to keep at least one consistent colour if you are opting for different patterned pots. Either way the pots and plants should compliment each other.

Left: Pop & Scott ‘Aztec’ Pot (Medium, Charcoal) with Philodendron Xanadu, Front: Pop & Scott ‘Dips’ Pot (Small, Charcoal) with Elkhorn Fern, Rear: Ivy Muse ‘Snug’ Plant Stand (White) & Pop & Scott ‘Mali’ Pot (Medium, Charcoal) with Strelitzia Nicolai

Left: Pop & Scott ‘Dips’ Pot (Small, Metallic Gold) with Prickly Pear Cactus (NFS, display only), Middle: Pop & Scott ‘Dips’ Pot (Large, Eucalyptus) with Fiddle Leaf Fig Bambino, Right: Woud ‘Pidestall’ Flower Pot (Medium, Grey) with Blue Bell Fern

What are you favourite accessories right now?

My favourite accessories at the moment would have to be plant stands. They allow you to get creative with displaying your plants. It is the easiest way to add height to your houseplants as well as make your plants a statement piece.

Bar Botanik is located at 289 Fitzgerald Street North Perth.

You can also find them here:

Website barbotanik.com.au
Instagram @bar.botanik

A big thanks to Fesi, Daniel and Robert for the chat and your valuable plant tips. Let’s hope I kill less plants in moving forward. 🙂