Carmen, Wylie, Ferdinand & Michael

Located in the desirable inner Northern suburb of Menora, Frank House (5 Patula Place) by design and location, sets the stage for living a modernist lifestyle reflective of today’s archetype. It is right down my alley and frankly (no pun intended), a home I would personally be very happy in. I can absolutely see my family entertaining and lounging here, be it with some perfectly crafted cocktails in the lounge (shaken, not stirred!) followed by a spirited meal in the courtyard.

I was fortunate to spend some time with Michael, Carmen, Wylie and Ferdinand and tour their incredible home recently. I couldn’t wait to find out a little more about their renovation and the heart behind the latest incarnation of Frank House. Here’s an insight into our chat. 

What attracted you to the property in the first instance?

We were aware of Iwan Iwanoff and his design aesthetic for about ten years prior. 

We were living in North Perth and were having troubles finding a builder for our house renovations that we were trying to undertake. So we started looking around the area and saw the Frank House come up for sale. Obviously we jumped at the chance to live in such a unique property that also allowed us to modernise it and put our own creative touch to it.

Michael has been an avid collector of modernist and Danish furniture for many years. So our furnishings fitted perfectly with the aesthetic of the house.

You’ve undertaken a beautiful renovation of the house. What’s been the highlight of the restoration process?

We have been in the house for just over seven years.

Before moving in we removed shagpile carpet and lino flooring to reveal concrete which was polished, removed asbestos from the eaves and re roofed, did a modern renovation in the kitchen and ensuite bathroom. After a few years of  living in the house we undertook the renovation of the second bathroom, in keeping with Iwan’s aesthetic we maintaining such features as the original wallpaper and cabinetry and using new tiles with a 60s look.

Most recently we have added a courtyard screen and paving out the back.

The highlight would have to be finally seeing the house as we had envisioned and all of the areas/spaces in the home interacting harmoniously.

Have you kept any of the original interior features? 

We have really tried to respect the home as it was designed.

So besides from modernising the kitchen and bathrooms we have really only had to do some cosmetic maintenance.

The standout features would have to be the built in cabinetry, shadow line ceilings and the large expansive timber framed windows with Iwan Iwanoff’s signature louvered system.

What are your favourite areas of the house? 

Since having our daughter we definitely interact with the house a lot more as we feel the design was intended. i.e. with the internal courtyard and glass windows making visual interaction with each other in the house possible.

Our favourite room is the front living area which overlooks to the park, giving that feeling of been one with nature.

I have fond memories of really appreciating the view while sitting there breastfeeding Wylie for hours.

Ferdinand loves stalking the neighbours from the couch haha!