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Danielle Geagea is not your typical real estate agent. With a honed eye for detail and a keen understanding of architecture and design and their influence on real estate and the way people live, Danielle brings a sophisticated approach to selling property.

Driven by a desire to produce outstanding results for her clients and to deliver attentive service, Danielle avoids the “one size fits all approach” and instead, executes tailored sales and marketing strategies truly designed to achieve the best outcome for her clients. You’ll never feel like just a number with her.

With over 18 years of real estate experience, Danielle brings a wealth of property knowledge and refined negotiation skills to the table. Passionate in her continual pursuits of peak performance and innovation, Danielle engages some of the best coaches across real estate and business industries, to ensure she is always sharpening her sales and marketing tools to give her clients the edge. 

Well connected and on the pulse of the market, Danielle positions her clients in the box seat.

As a self confessed lover of architecture and design, Danielle found herself studying interior design a number of years ago, as an adjunct to her real estate career. Her intent not to become an interior designer, but rather, add value to her real estate clientele by providing astute presentation advice and hone her skills to articulately communicate the benefits of each property to prospective buyers. Ultimately, enhancing her client’s sale outcome.

When she’s not doing deals, you’ll find Danielle in the martial arts gym, on the yoga mat or enjoying a fine champagne with friends and family.

Principal & Property Specialist

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set it free.”

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