Those that know me would know I’ve been a wellness enthusiast for most of my life, valuing the role nutrition plays and the benefits that a practice like yoga can bring to both your personal and professional lives. More recently, I also made the shift to a plant based diet, and I must admit, I’m feeling freaking fabulous for it! With that said, I was super excited to connect with Rhyanna – a respected yoga teacher and thought leader in the wellness space – and get a deeper insight into her history and perspective on yoga, plant based living and what you can do to create positive change in this area of your life.

Before we sat down to chat in her beautiful home in North Fremantle, Rhyanna guided me through a private yoga session in her gorgeous home studio. And boy was it exactly what I needed after a demanding day at the office! She took the time to understand my body and tailored the session to me, giving me the personalised tune up I needed. Needless to say I came out of our session feeling connected with my body, clear in the mind and just a little bit special.

Read on to find out what Rhyanna had to say!

Firstly, I would love to know a bit about your journey to becoming a yoga teacher. What were you doing before yoga and what made you choose this path?

I feel like teaching yoga was never really a specific choice I made. I guess I found yoga in my own life at a time where i really craved the connection it brought me to both my body, mind and something bigger, after practicing for myself I was drawn to share. My first formal yoga teacher training was a quick decision on a gut feel I guess you could say.

Pre yoga teaching I lived in the hustle of Sydney city and worked nationally as sales manager for a global company. As a student of yoga and a close call witness to a pretty horrible motor vehicle accident at the tail end of my time in Sydney I had learnt just enough to know the life I had there was not the right fit for me and I was indeed quite unwell in that environment. An exit from my Sydney life, travel for a few years, some remote living, a big chunk of time with nature, a little bit of love and lots of yoga led me to the beginning of my first chapter of life in Perth as a certified yoga teacher.

Me getting some personalised attention
Rhyanna in North Fremantle

What is yoga to you?

Yoga is part of who I am… I can’t even imagine living without it as part of my day physically, mentally or emotionally. I see yoga as my number one relationship, it needs my love and attention everyday without judgement or expectation… just a little faith. This faith hand in hand with the daily commitment to practice has helped me continue to grow and not feel stagnate over the last 10 years. Physically seeing my body bounce back from a pretty weak, frail and unhealthy place to being able to feel strong and touch my toes on my head while balancing on my forearms is just one example of this progress. The businesses, relationships and life that I have built over the time with yoga on my side have all been challenging yes but in the end exceptionally rewarding.

What do you enjoy most about being a yoga teacher?

The people! The incredible community that has ended up practicing with me here in Perth has made me feel more at home than ever before in my life. To be able to share yoga as a tool for living in abundance is so rewarding, to see students actually make space in their lives for it makes me so happy. Wearing stretchy pants and going shoeless daily also for me is a win!

You’ve got a huge amount of experience! Do you feel this gives you an opportunity to add real value to your student’s lives?

I hope so! In the last 15 years I have had alot of ‘life experience’ I guess, many unique opportunities to grow, learn and connect. For all of these twists and turns I have had the foundations of yoga tucked under my wing supporting me. As someone who values growth and progress highly I have managed to venture through many of the different formats for teaching yoga quite quickly from owning my own yoga studio to teaching to 2000 at a yoga festival to running international retreats, mentoring young teachers and working privately with high level dr’s, lawyers, business owners, physios, chiros & entrepreneurs. I definitely think the life I have lead and the people who have come into my world have given me a lot to share which I would like to think enhances my students lives and allows them to go on and make a difference in the world!

Enjoying some Pure+NOOD juice post session <3

I understand you also work with clients one-on-one in your new private studio in North Fremantle. Tell me more!

I sure do, this is actually my favourite way to share yoga. When working on the designs for our crazy ‘forever house’ renovation + extension my partner Ryan (designer) and I planned a super chilled, bright, warm and intimate studio space for me to practice. 2 years on when we were getting close to moving back in, my private clientele had become the core of my business and also the part in which I was feeling the most traction, unique potential, reward and joy! So the decision was made to invite clients to the mini studio in North fremantle and share a little bit more of myself with students. Sharing the space has been such a joy, having everything i need on hand that inspires me + being able to practice between clients as much as i like are just 2 perks!

My private sessions are really about a personal connection, a time where the student commits to the practice fully and learns and moves through yoga in all it’s forms depending what they need. Some clients have their own regular spot weekly others book monthly for a check in or to work through specifics, either way for 1.5hours they get my full attention and in that time we share yoga.

If you had to pick one pose as your go-to “wonder pose” for most people, what would it be?

Forward folding for sure! There are so many forward fold but generally speaking a forward fold stretches the back side of the body (think hamstrings + lower back), forces an acknowledgment of the breath and encourages a moment of reflection without outside distraction. I always say if someone says I want to do yoga everyday but just don’t know where to start, “just get on your mat and do a childs pose. After that just trust where the body wants to go”.

Now let’s talk detox and nutrition! I’m dying to know more about your business, Pure + Nood!

Well as mentioned I like to keep growing, changing and challenging myself. As yoga teaching is a service based role and is pretty much just me doing my thing, moving into the scalable, product based, e-commerce world was something that made me excited! Also being a long term vegan and healthy eating advocate I felt I had a pretty good understanding of plant based nutrition and so bought into the well established juice cleanse company Pure Glow. In the years to follow I ended up as sole owner of the company, changed the business set up, direction and processes to make it a sound business ready for investment. At the end of 2017 I was in investment talks with a few people and then had a change of direction plonked in front of me. Nikki Heyder, respected Perth based nutritionist and owner of Nood Wholefoods was looking for change and the next thing and Pure Glow was ripe for the collab. Nikki and I then jumped straight in, we merged the brands and Pure Glow’s offering got a whole lot more accessible. Seasonal meals were added to our cold pressed juice cleanse offering, our branding was updated and Nikki and I are now off and running as co-creators of Pure+NOOD – a business who’s mission is to create and deliver satisfying, simple, clean products making health convenient.

We want people to eat / drink more plants, and we want to make it convenient, affordable, and delicious! So that is where we are at now, rolling with our winter menu, delivery juice cleanses and healthy meals 3 times/ week , preparing for spring, running free educational events and trying to get the Pure+NOOD message out into the wider community.

What are some easy ways people can incorporate the benefits of juice cleanses and more plants into their diet?

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Thank you Rhyanna for your insight and energy. Your dedication to your yoga practice, your clients and your businesses is inspiring. Looking forward to more forward folds and juices with you soon. Namaste. X

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PS This is a Purveyor double feature. To have a sneak peak inside Rhyanna’s North Fremantle home, which she shares with her partner Ryan, click here!